Gallery of furniture reupholstered by the experts in Claridges Upholstery

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Excellent results 


Take a look at some of the stunning finished results we have been able to provide for our customers.

  • Reupholstered window seat
  • Reupholstered leather sofa
  • Reupholstered plum arm chair
  • Reupholstered short arm chair
  • Reupholstered scarlet arm chair
  • Reupholstered red arm chair
  • Reupholstered grey winged chair
  • Reupholstered floral arm chair
  • Reupholstered diamond buttoned arm chair
  • Reupholstered diamond sofa
  • Reupholstered chaise longue
  • Reupholstered chinoise chairs
  • Reupholstered fan backed chairs
  • Reupholstered arm chairs
  • Reupholstered chaise longue
  • Reupholstered striped armless chair
  • Rennovated and upholstered bed
  • Reupholstered sofa
  • Sofa upholstered in paisley fabric
  • Rennovated classic arm chair
  • Footstool with new upholstery
  • Sofa upholsered in velour
  • Sofa upholsered in velour
  • Rennovated antique chair
  • Built-in seating upholstery
  • Sofa rennovated with tartan upholstery
  • Reupholstered bed head
  • Antique chaise longue sporting new upholstery
  • Re-covered arm chair
  • Reupholstered antique settee
  • Antique arm chair, repadded and reupholstered

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