Excellent workmanship by skilled upholsterers

banner image services walton on thames claridges upholstery before and after

At Claridges Upholstery we pride ourselves on providing top quality workmanship in all areas of upholstery services.

Take a look at some of the excellent results we are able to achieve.

  • Reupholster chaise longe before
  • Reupholster chaise longue after
  • Renovate chaise longue before
  • Renovate chaise longue after
  • Reupholster winged chair before
  • Reupholster winged chair after
  • Reupholstering red arm chair
  • Reupholstered red arm chair
  • Reupholstering round arm chair
  • Reupholstered round arm chair
  • Reupholstering scarlet arm chair
  • Reupholstered scarlet arm chair
  • Reupholstering sofa
  • Reupholstered sofa
  • Reupholstering a rocking chair
  • Reupholstered rocking chair
  • Reupholstering chinoise chairs
  • Reupholstered chinoise chairs
  • Footstool before restoration
  • Footstool with new upholstery
  • Sofa being upholstered
  • Sofa with complete upholstery
  • Sofa stripped ready for padding
  • Restored sofa
  • Arm chair upholstery in progress
  • Restored armchair
  • Chaise longue stripped and ready for rennovation
  • Restored chaise longue
  • Antique chair stripped for restoration
  • Antique chair upholstered and restored
  • Bed in process of restoration
  • Bed after rennovation and reupholstery

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